Located in Rochester, New York on the Genesee River near Lake Ontario. Get Directions

Shumway Docks

Transient Dockage

Set your way point for the end of the Rochester piers at 43' 15.807" N, 77' 35.881" W and continue up the Genesee River for 1/2 mile.

Just call the Ship's Store at the phone number shown at the bottom of the page, or hail the Shumway Marine Dockmaster on Channel 16. We have a Customs Video Phone for US check in right next to our Fuel Dock with Ethanol-free Gas, Diesel, and pump outs.

We are the closest marina to the things you need at the Stutson Bridge Plaza. Borrow bikes from our Ship's Store to get there easier. Herrema's Grocery is often able to give you a ride back with your groceries.

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Local Conveniences

Stutson Bridge Plaza across the street from the Marina

Within one mile of the Marina Car Rental - agencies will travel to the marina to meet you

Shumway Marine
40 Marina Drive • Rochester, NY 14617 • 585.342.3030 or 800.433.2518
www.shumwaymarine.com • email: info@shumwaymarine.com